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Uncommon Sense was my first podcast started in 2008. I had been listening to podcasts in its most crude form since 2004 and was convinced by friends to try my own. My material to talk about comes from politics, philosophy, technology, and events in my life. I sometimes talk about other things or even play some music. I never wanted to be a music podcast since the exposure to risk from copyright is high. There are plenty of other music podcasts out there. I myself, prefer blog style podcasts where the host (s) talk about their life and share some of their life. I like to get feedback and even better conversation with my listeners. I think what makes podcasts truly different and better than broadcasts is the ability to interact. I have since taken my podcast PRIVATE.  I still do it, but not to anonymous listeners. If you want to hear these or past shows email me and lets get to know each other. I personally know all my current listeners.

To contact me just leave a message at


Use the form at the bottom OR email to wa1myq at netzero dot com


 Plain Dudes Radio was a bold one of a kind experiment in communications using new media. I do not know of a radio or tv show like it. Normally when people talk about hot topics of the day it quickly degenerates into yelling and no one really listens let alone respects each others opinions. I wanted to create a show where people could express their opinions on topics without all the anger, drama, and disrespect. Tolerance and respect were the main rules of plain Dudes radio. 


The plain dudes  were:
Michael Moss
Erk (Channel Erk):
Scott (Uncommon Sense podcast):
Trucker Tom (Trucker Tom podcast):
Tom Harris of TomHarrisUSA.com

And you our esteemed listeners.


My Digital voice recordersmp3 players
My These are SOME my digital voice recorders. They also play mp3 files. Currently I use my Iphone for recording my podcast (not shown here)


My lifelong interest in communications led me into podcasting. I have been a ham radio operator, a radio announcer, and I communicate to people via digital voice recordings. I am passionate about podcasting and what it has to offer. Podcasting is better than radio or tv in a number of ways.

  • Podcasting has no commercials
  • It does not matter where you are located.. they do not fade out like radio and you can hear podcasts loud and clear from around the world
  • The show you want to hear is on now.. not when the clock says it comes on
  • Podcasts are uncensored
  • The vast majority of podcasts are free
  • The variety of subjects of podcasts is far greater than you will hear on radio or tv. This is because they do NOT have to be financially viable. That means they are NOT required to make money. You can find a podcast on nearly any subject due to this and the fact there is NO censorship
  • You can interact and get to know the people doing the podcast. They welcome interaction from email or forums and such. Just try to talk to someone like Rush Limbaugh. You will be lost in the piles of other email he gets. I almost always get a reply from podcasters I want to talk to. Many podcasters have become a friend of mine.


The easiest way is to listen using your smart phone or tablet computer. If you have any apple phone or tablet or Ipod touch just look for the podcast button, click the search button. It is at bottom and looks like magnifying glass. Type in a subject you are interested in and a bunch of podcasts will come up. You can also get apps to pick up podcasts. Some apps to look for would be Stitcher on the apple and I like Podcast Republic on the android. There are lots of other podcatcher apps.  A couple of others are Overcast and Pocketcast.

Many podcasts have a webpage where you can listen right from your computer or download for listening later OR put them onto your mp3 player.

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